Friday, October 31, 2008

Comfort Food at Enid's

I went with a couple of friends to Enid's (560 Manhattan Ave. at Driggs Ave., 718-349-3859) the other night for dinner. I really like Enid's and have eaten some of the best Brunches and the best Veggie Burgers there. There are some drawbacks (the incredibly loud music and poor service if you're not young and hip-ish), but that being said, it's got a good thing going with the food.

I got the Apple Salad with Bacon Bits and Blue Cheese. I know, you're thinking, "Bacon Bits!?", but at Enid's they're made from real bacon and aren't just bacon-flavored bits of cardboard. Plus the crispy, tart slices of apple and generous chunks of blue cheese, all nicely dressed in a lemony dressing make this a real pleasure to eat, and it's filling!

My friend ordered the Veggie Burger, which I think is one of the best around because it's homemade and not dry AT ALL. She felt that the bun was dry though and the burger could've been hotter, but that it was, indeed, delicious. She got it with mashed potatoes on the side which come covered in creamy gravy and a small salad of mixed greens.

Her boyfriend ordered the Chicken Fried Steak which he described as "lots of fried, but not greasy at all" and nicely seasoned. We all remarked on the amazing-looking red cabbage slaw on the side but he said it didn't have a lot of "kick". He also chose the Mashed Potatoes as his side, but you can get one of about eight choices (Cornbread, Collard Greens, etc.).

My boyfriend chose to get three sides instead of one entree. In the photo below you'll see the Mac & Cheese, the Spicy Pickled Beets and the Green Beans. The Mac & Cheese is great, and almost famous, and the Pickled Beets were incredible - so spicy our lips were tingling! The Green Beans are lightly sauteed so they're still crunchy, flavored with garlic and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Very nice.

For dessert we shared the Pear & Cranberry Crisp and the Chocolate Mousse Cake. The Crisp was a perfect fall choice, sweet fruit with tangy sour cranberries, an amazing brown sugar and butter top, and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream but it was the Chocolate Mousse Cake we all fawned over - WOW! So dense yet airy, soft and soooo chocolately - it was truly amazing. I will most definitely be back to get that again!

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