Friday, October 10, 2008

Eggs Benedict & Omelettes at Chez Oskar

On a recent rainy day, I met a friend for Brunch at Chez Oskar. Located at 211 DeKalb Ave. between Vanderbilt and Clinton Aves., it's in the heart of Ft. Greene, amidst shops and boutiques, near the Ft. Greene Park & Pratt University. It's also got terrific food.

We ordered the Spinach and Goat Cheese Omelet, the Eggs Benedict with House Cured Salmon, and a side of Applewood Smoked Bacon and shared it all. We were so hungry we started eating before I remembered I needed to take pictures, so these were taken after we divvied everything up (imagine twice as much as what's here).

These were some of the best potatoes I've had. Really crunchy, well cooked and nicely seasoned. The poached eggs were perfect as well, the yolk was still a bit runny, but there was no nasty raw egg white to contend with. The salmon was a nice change, although you can get this with the classic Canadian Bacon, or Proscuitto, or with spinach if you're going veggie. Just a touch of hollandaise sauce tops this dish, for a little zing.

The omelette was good, but I would have preferred a bit more goat chesse in mine. The bacon though was amazing, in thick slices of smoky, salty meat from Applewood. A side Mesclun salad accompanies these dishes as well. Nice to get in a little greens.

There are also a number of breakfast drinks available in addition to the normal brunch fare including Strawberry Mimosas and Mojitos. The decor is cheery and colorful, perfect for a chilly or rainy fall morning. For more reviews, go to Urban Spoon.
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