Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meat at Fette Sau

A reader recently asked if I'd been to Fette Sau yet, and it just so happens, coincidentally, that it's the place today's featured food items are from (thanks for the comment FN!). Fette Sau is great, and also snagged Zagat's Best NY BBQ of 2009! Located at 354 Metropolitan Ave. in Williamsburg (between Havemeyer and Roebling, 718-963-3404), it's housed in the former space of an auto body shop, where a long drive-way, lined with tables, leads to the main space inside. At the back is the bar, which features many kinds of whiskey and bourbon, and has tractor seats as bar stools. Along the right wall is the counter where you order your food, sold by weight, which is made in a smoker that can hold 700 pounds of meat. There are usually 5 or 6 different cuts of meat to choose from, which are served up on a tray lined with butcher paper, as well as a number of sides (beans, broccoli), but the meat is the real champion here.

There are signs posted on the wall explaining where the meat being served is from. Not everything is local (one listed a farm in Iowa), but it does seem that the meat comes from farms that specialize in that particular animal or breed, and so you're not getting factory-farmed meat, which is a good thing.

Something to take into consideration - because the presentation is so simple at Fette Sau the photos don't do the food justice. It's meat after all, which can end up looking a little gnarly, but believe me when I say that it's some of the best around.

On this visit, we ordered 1/4lb. of Brisket, 1/4lb. of the Pulled Pork and one Spicy Sausage. This all comes with two incredibly soft buns that are perfect to make mini pulled-pork sandwiches with. The tables come stocked with bottles of traditional BBQ Sauce, Molasses BBQ Sauce and Malt Vinegar.

I think the Pulled Pork is my favorite. It's juicy, flavorful and so tender it just falls apart if you even look at it! Delicious.

The brisket is pretty amazing too. Slightly charred on the outside, yet moist and savory, it's good alone or with any one of the sauces. The sausages are great too. The spicy one is pretty hot, so be warned.

Fette Sau is a great place with incredible food, delicious beer (served in jars) and flights of whiskey & bourbon. AND, when you're done, you can wipe your hands on the little wet naps they give you with your order.

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FN said...

Oh yeah!! I see you reacted like I did. I love that place. I will be getting to Char #4 soon....