Monday, October 27, 2008

Marlow & Sons

I went to Marlow & Sons (81 Broadway, between Berry & Wythe, 718-384-1441) to have dinner with a friend recently and had a thoroughly good time. The front space is half country store and half restaurant with a few tables squeezed in. The back room is cozier, with lots of wooden tables snug on one side and a dark wooden bar lining the other.

Marlow & Sons has a regular menu that features cheeses and meats and a few entrees which they supplement every night with incredible specials made from in-season items. We both started with the special Market Salad which featured Swiss Chard, thin slices of Butternut Squash, lemon juice and parmesan. It was SO good. The lemon and parmesan were the perfect tastes to pair with the squash and greens. It was bright and crisp and earthy at the same time.

We also ordered a plate of the Toscano and two cheeses. I didn't write down the names of the cheeses (sorry!), but they were both delicious. The triagular-wedge one was creamy yet sharp and the other was harder and a bit nutty. The Toscano was not my favorite though - it was a bit greasy and somewhat bland. I prefer a sharper, saltier taste and should've stuck with the Soppressata. We dug in before I snapped the photo, so while it is a small portion, it was bigger than this!

I ordered the Pork Rillettes with mustard, sweet onion jam, bread and apple slices. I think I ordered wrong, not because it wasn't good, but my friend doesn't eat meat, and this dish is one to be shared with one or two other people. It's rich and heavy, and is delightful with the mustard, jam and apple.

My friend ordered the Potato and Swiss Chard Soup which was delicious and full of strips of swiss chard and the pureed potato created a lovely thick consistency. It was full-flavored and satisfying.

To treat ourselves, we got the Ricotta Fritters with apple sauce and cream for dessert at the suggestion of our very helpful waiter. They were amazing little dough balls covered in sugar & cinnamon, with chunky applesauce and sweetened mascarpone. Wow! These were my favorite of the night. So light and fluffy but substantive. A perfect Autumnal ending to our Autumnal Meal.