Friday, October 17, 2008

French at Le Barricou

On a recent trip to Williamsburg, a friend and I decided to try a new place we hadn't been to yet. I suggested Le Barricou, located at 533 Grand St., between Union & Lorimer, based on the menu listed on their website. Unfortunately, we were both pretty disappointed with our food.

I only have one photo to show for our outing, I wasn't inspired by what was set before me. The appetizer I got, the Pate from the list of Specials, was a bit gross. First of all, it was a HUGE portion - bigger is not better when it comes to pate. It was also too cold. It did have plenty of Cornichons though, which ended up being the only draw for me.

For her entree, my friend ordered the Salad Nicoise, also from the Specials Menu. Described as being served with string beans, it came with none, and instead was on a bed of lettuce, of which there was not enough. The portion of tuna was nicely sized, but did not muster much of a reaction from her.

I ordered the Moules Marinere, which came plentifully loaded in the bowl. They were fine, nothing special, not garlicky enough, and a bit plain. Le Barricou was underwhelming. Oh well, but maybe for the best, being that there are SO many amazing restaurants in the area.


Tanya said...

I'm with you. I just moved to Williamsburg, and sadly haven't found much thus far that's lived up to the hype-- still looking.

I have found a few quiet favorites, though, so all is not lost.

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

I sympathize....underwhelming meals can ruin a whole day for me. Better luck next time!

Noa Lithuanian Smith said...

give it another try for brunch - get a special omelette or one of the benedicts. i think you will like it a lot better. plus, they give you complimentary chocolate croissants.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Yeah, it's been a while. Thanks Noa Lithuanian Smith!