Monday, October 13, 2008

Amazing Cupcakes from Ladybird Bakery

A friend celebrated his birthday at a local bar, to which another friend brought two huge bakery boxes full of some of the most amazing cupcakes I've ever had. The cupcakes, from Ladybird Bakery in Park Slope (1112 Eighth Ave., 718-499-8108) were an assortment of vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cake with a whole bunch of icings and toppings.

The hit of the night was the red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. It was devoured before I could snap a picture! The frosting was creamy, subtly sweet, and went incredibly well with the red velvet cake, which was moist and tasty.

There was a vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting that was really nice too. The frosting tasted like real strawberries! And also reminded me of Breyers Strawberry Ice Cream.

There was a Vanilla Cupcake with Sugar Frosting and Coconut Flakes that was pretty amazing, with the consistently moist cake, and tons of coconut on top. The Buttercream Frosting was too buttery for me, but that's my preference. It was beautiful though, with colorful sprinkles.

You can see that these cupcakes were so enticing, nobody was able to keep their fingers away to sample all the toppings and flavors.

Ladybird Bakery has so many options for building your own birthday cake too - standard cake options, specialty cakes (ie. orange, mocha), types of filling (ie. flavored buttercream, fudge) and all kinds of frosting (ie. vanilla, chocolate glaze). The results are as good as the choices sound! YUM!

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I love, love cupcakes! They're the cutest desserts in the world!