Monday, November 3, 2008

Burgers & Pasta at Cafe LuLuc

I recently had dinner with some friends at Cafe LuLuc (214 Smith Street, between Butler and Baltic Streets, 718-625-3815) for the first time in a long while. I usually only go there for Brunch because of their amazing pancakes and salads, but we wanted an easy, not too pricey meal at a place central to all our apartments and settled on LuLuc.

There were three orders of burgers (I know, how annoying is that?), and I think everyone was disappointed. The buns were "budget" and fell apart. The meat was dry and fell apart too, and the fries were not the usual thin salty treats they normally are. They were thicker and greasier and ended up being left on the plate. Oh well. The pickles were good though, and the cheese was plentiful and perfectly melty.

I got the Seafood Fettucine with slices of calamari, mussels in the shell and lots of huge slices of garlic. Topped with basil in a creamy tomato-y sauce it was hearty and satisfying but not amazing. It needed something, some special flavor. Maybe sun-dried tomatoes or capers would have given it a little zing. As it was it was a bit plain.

I don't think I'll be rushing back for dinner, but like I said, it's the pancakes that are the house special.

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