Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vietnamese Sandwiches from Hanco

The Banh Mi craze of the last few years is one of my new favorite food trends. I love these little delectable treats, stuffed with whatever your heart desires - shredded chicken, pork, sardines or Tofu, pickled veggies and sauce.

We placed an order from Hanco's (85 Bergen St., between Smith and Hoyt Streets, 718-858-6818) and within half an hour our meal arrived. We started with an appetizer of Garden Rolls (lettuce, cucumber, mint, Chinese chives and rice vermicelli wrapped in rice paper) which come with a yummy peanutty sauce. They're light and fresh and the lettuce provides a lovely crunch. Delish!

My favorite is the Tofu Sandwich, the only totally vegetarian option on the menu as far as sandwiches go. It's SO good with pickled veggies, creamy chunks of Tofu and a savory sauce on a flaky French baguette. Every bite is enjoyable.

My boyfriend chose the Shredded Chicken Sandwich, with the same pickled veggies as well as "fresh boiled chicken". The chicken was nice and moist, if a bit bland, but the veggies and sauce make up for any missing flavor. You can get these little babies either not spicy at all, mild, medium or hot. I'm fairly sensitive to food spiciness, so I stick with the mild which has an ever so subtle burn to it.

To wash this all down we got an Almond Bubble Tea. I have a sort of love-hate feeling towards these tapioca pearl-laden drinks. I love anything Almond flavored and this milky drink is scrumptious, but I only eat a few of those 'bubbles'. Too many and I start to feel ill. That's why it's perfect to share.

Yay Hanco's!

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FN said...

I love Hanco's. Never had a bad sandwich there, ever.