Monday, March 29, 2010

Brunch at The Farm on Adderly

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I had dinner at The Farm on Adderley (1108 Cortelyou Road, between Rugby & Argyle Roads, 718-287-3101) back in the early fall and loved it, so I was excited to see what their Brunch was all about. I went with a friend to celebrate her birthday, and ended up bumping into other friends waiting for a table at the bar. It's a central spot in the neighborhood, and crazy-crowded during those prime Brunch times! We got a cozy table for two at the front in the window, so it was bright and semi-private, as there were only two tables up there - it's the rear of the restaurant that has the majority of tables. We settled in and placed our orders.

I picked the Poached Eggs & Grits with cheddar grits and sauteed escarole. I was pretty disappointed with this dish. The eggs were so undercooked, there was raw egg-white pooling in the grits. I hate that! The grits were nice and cheesy and the escarole flavorful and tender, but the eggs just made everything yucky. They started out looking good though.

I also got a side of bacon which was OK. It was a bit greasy, which overwhelmed the meat's

My friend ordered well though. She got the Sausage & Eggs with one housemade breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, home fries and salad. The sausage were excellent - succulent, savory with herbs and substantial. The home fries were OK - I prefer mine crispier, but the onions were a good addition and the eggs were nicely done.

She also got an order of the Chocolate Brioche with Sea Salt & Butter which was a bit on the dry side. I liked the juxtaposition of the sweet chocolate and the salt though, and the thick slices made it easy to share.

All in all it was a nice brunch. Next time I'll make sure to ask for my poached eggs to be well-done or something. The food is made with quality ingredients and it's fairly priced at $7 - $9 per entree.

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Erica said...

Next time, try the french toast. It does not disappoint.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Thanks for the tip!

T.K. Danovich said...

I've only been there a few times for dinner. I keep meaning to go to the lunch. The brioche sounds amazing.