Monday, March 22, 2010

Baked Goods at The Blue Stove

My boyfriend took me to The Blue Stove (415 Graham Ave., at Withers St., 718-766-7419) recently, while we were wandering this section of Williamsburg, checking out some shops and boutiques and were in need of some snackage. When you first walk in you notice the most incredible smell. It's the combination of sugar and cinnamon and butter, all warm and delightful, which makes you want to sit down right there and eat a whole pie, all by yourself. I managed to restrain myself, and only ordered a few small things.

The Cranberry, Walnut & Orange Zest Muffin was to eat right then. The top of a muffin is always the best, as the inside too cakey for me. The flavors of this bad boy were strong and prominent though, which made eating it quite enjoyable. The tart cranberries, the bright orange zest & the nuts all made deliciousness. The top was still the best, but the rest of it was good too!

I also got two Tarts for later. One was savory, with Ham & Cheese & whole sprigs of Thyme popping out of it at different angles. It was buttery flakiness full of smoky ham and strong Gruyere cheese inside. Excellent for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Some of the cheese had bubbled out and got a little burnt & crispy which was so yummy!

The other was a sweet tart made with whole Figs & Goat Cheese. The cheese was creamy and tangy and the figs chewy and mellow, all wrapped up in the same flaky, buttery crust that gets all over your fingers and lips as you eat. Perfection. I did want a bit more fig in this though, but that felt like a minor disappointment.

Like I said, I can't believe how good it smelled inside. I want to go back and sample more of their baked goods, including the huge slices of coffee cake piled in a dish by the front door, to one of their whole pies in all sorts of bursting-berry flavors.

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