Friday, March 5, 2010

Breakfast at Sweet Melissa's

I had breakfast with a friend at the Park Slope branch of Sweet Melissa's (175 7th Avenue, between 1st & 2nd Streets, 718-788-2700) recently, and while I've been a fan of their desserts for a while, I hadn't sampled their menu yet. I am happy to report we had two delicious dishes.

I picked the Granola with Yogurt and Fruit and loved the presentation! Plump blueberries and slices of tartly sweet strawberries decorated the top of the bowl, half with incredibly thick, creamy & tangy yogurt and half with crunchy granola, complete with dried cranberries, currants, golden raisins and almonds. It was perfectly proportioned and wonderful.

My friend chose the oatmeal with walnuts & bananas. Milk is served in a container on the side, as is the brown sugar. So many walnuts! It's so nice, instead of getting a measly few. It was a filling portion, I don't think she was able to eat it all, but it was tasty!

The Park Slope Sweet Melissa's is bigger than you think when you first walk in. The space stretches to the back, and has lots of little areas to linger over coffee and talk with a friend. It's a great spot during off-hours when it's on the quieter side.

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Matt said...

I've only eaten at the Carroll Gardens SM, where the food is fantastic, but the service can be a bit spacey. If you're in a hurry, or are hungry beyond the point where you can afford to wait an extra 20 minutes, the CG SM is not the place for you.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Yes. But on the flip side, if you have the time, and want to linger, they'll let you sit there forever, which is nice and rare!

Mariel Torres said...

looks like the perfect breakfast :)