Thursday, January 1, 2009

Vietnamese on Russian Hill

Happy Holidays!!! Since this is a vacation week for many, I'm going to take this opportunity to write about five meals I had in San Francisco during a trip there this fall.

Walking through the lovely Russian Hill neighborhood one night, we popped into Aux Delices, (2327 Polk St., between Union St. & Green St., 415-928-4977), a Vietnamese restaurant that turned out to be quite a find. It was warm and inviting and the service was friendly and attentive. With cloth table coverings and cloth napkins, it felt like a special night out.

I started out with Mien Ga soup with chicken, glass noodles and shitake mushrooms. It was really tasty and warmed me up after a long day of being outside in the foggy, windy afternoon.

My boyfriend got the Tofu & Vegetables in Ginger Sauce which was fabulous. Big, thick slices of tofu and tons of veggies in a delicious sauce. We couldn't get enough of this.

I ordered the BBQ Flank Steak which was the most surprising, and most delicious meal. The meat was tender and incredibly tasty. It didn't taste barbecued to me, rather it seemed grilled and basted with some kind of marinade that was so mouthwateringly savory I kinda wanted to go back the next night instead of trying someplace new!

Aux Delices bills itself as a wine bar, but the glass I ordered was mediocre. I'd stick with beer.

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princess kanomanom said...

You'd stick w/ beer, simply because the one wine selection you tried was mediocre? Surely there were/are other more palatable options on the list.

Just strikes me as a pretty hasty call for a reviewer to make.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Thanks for your comment. To clarify - I am not a reviewer. I am merely recording and writing about the food and drink I have, and offering my opinions. I happen to prefer beer with Vietnamese food, hence my hasty call.

princess kanomanom said...

Gotcha--makes sense, then.

HoustonWok said...

Hi Eat it Brooklyn,
You know for some reason, beer with any kind of Vietnamese food taste really good. Or perhaps because I am Vietnamese and every Vietnamese guy I have come across in my lifetime tends to crack open a Heineken while eating. Now dessert may be a different story. Thank for sharing and feel free to come by and pick up a recipe or two.