Monday, January 12, 2009

Burgers at Bonnie's Grill

MMMMMmmmmm, few things are better than trekking through the driving wind and snow to get to Bonnie's Grill (278 Fifth Ave., between 1st Street and Garfield Place, 718-369-9527) where you can sit at the counter, watch the cooks prepare your food and warm up by the heat coming off of the grill. You can also choose from a huge number of bottled beer, or one of the 6 or so beers on tap. I chose a dark Espresso beer that was delicious, while my boyfriend stuck with a Brooklyn IPA. We each got burgers, but with different sides and toppings.

My Spiced Black Angus Sirloin Burger was with cheddar cheese (which went on grated, not in a slice), lettuce, tomatoes and pickles, with a side of fries. It was fantastic. It tasted like a backyard summer Barbeque, smoky and slightly burnt, totally juicy and deliciously meaty. The pickles were perfect too - not sweet or mushy - crunchy and sour dill. The fries were great too, crispy and not greasy.

My boyfriend got his burger with Swiss Cheese, lettuce & tomato and a side of their Vegetarian Chili. His was great too, and the chili was really nice - lots of beans and green peppers, not very spicy, and topped with cheddar and a touch of sour cream. Yum again! The only thing is that we ordered them Medium and both came back fairly rare. So maybe the trick is to order Medium Well to get Medium?

A lot of people were ordering the Wings, which are another of Bonnie's specialties, in addition to the Catfish Sandwiches. They also offered a Pulled Pork Sandwich which I'm definitely curious about; I might have to go back to try it out. There are tables in the front and in the back (some even with candles!), so if you're not into the counter thing there are options. All in all it's a great place for a great meal.

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Color Me Green said...

My boyfriend loves the burgers at Bonnie's Grill, but I wouldn't recommend it to vegetarians - I'm always disappointed by their non-meat options.

Anonymous said...

the buffalo wings totally make this place for me. perfect.

Always Eating said...

I wish I shared your positive thoughts on the Bonnie's Burger. After much anticipation I finally made it there early last year, but was very underwhelmed. The spice rub created a burnt crust and I found the burger overcooked. I liked the fries, and the wings are good, but the burger is just not for me I guess.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Hmmm, that's too bad Always Eating. I was wary of the Spice rub but it didn't get crusty - it just added a zing to the meat. Oh well, to each his own I suppose. What about the Pulled Pork sandwich, anyone try that?

Kate said...

They also have the best home-made veggie burger in Brooklyn (that I've found yet, anyway), and according to the waiter I asked that night, it is *supposedly* vegan. I say *supposedly* because it was clear by the look on his face that he had no clue what the term "vegan" meant. (I had to explain.)