Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sweet Treats from One Girl Cookies

I treated myself to some cookies from One Girl Cookies the other day (68 Dean St., between Smith St. & Boerum Pl., 212-675-4996) because, well, sometimes a little sweet is needed. I hadn't been to One Girl in a while because I was a bit disappointed with the goods after they first opened. I'm happy to report that things have changed. I loved every one these little beauties, each with it's own girl's name.

First there was the Chocolate Chip Cookie (I didn't write down all the cookie names at the shop, so my information isn't complete!). This had a classic flavor, was a little chewy and cake-y and had a hint of vanilla. I liked it a lot more than the first Chocolate Chip I had here, which didn't have a good flavor at all.

To the left of that is the Cecelia - two Chocolate Cookies with Mocha Creme filling. This was great with a hint of coffee and a crispy, crumbly cookie - really yummy!

Then there was the Penelope - a butter cookie with apricot preserves. This was delicious - buttery and flaky with a burst of sweet apricot flavor.

My favorite out of the bunch was the Peanut Butter cookie with Coconut Flakes (again, no name!). YUM! Coconut, butter, peanut butter - how can you go wrong? This was absolutely fabulous, with so much flavor packed into such a tiny cookie.

I also got a Lemon bar since those are the BFs favorite. He said: "It's thick, subtle and gummy. The lemon isn't overpowering, which is nice, and the top is a little crusty which is a good balance to the sugar". He then declared it better than most. I thought the lemon was a good, true lemon flavor, but I prefer a nice buttery, chocolatey cookie.

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Downtown Brooklyn Dogs said...

The peanut butter cookie look amazing! Yum!

Vincent said...

Just read your scrumptious description of these wonderful looking cookies. I only wish there was a strong cup of good coffee nearby to go with it. Thanks.

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Interesting that you mention it has changed...someone brought me some cookies from them a while back and I didn't think much of them, but maybe now I'll give them another shot.