Friday, January 2, 2009

Southern Food in The Mission

Happy Holidays!!! Since this is a vacation week for many, I'm going to take this opportunity to write about five meals I had in San Francisco during a trip there this fall.

On our last night out in San Francisco, a friend of mine from college took my boyfriend and I to The Front Porch (65 29th St., between Mission St. & San Jose Ave., 415-695-7800). This is a neighborhood that I hadn't spent much time in when I lived out there, and it seems to be going through a transformation, sort of like certain Brooklyn neighborhoods did a few years ago. For better or worse, this transformation has yielded such gems as The Front Porch (the other place we were thinking of going to was Blue Plate, whose menu looks awesome, but we couldn't get a reservation). There was a little bit of a wait at the Porch, but they do have a nice beer & wine list and you can sit out front in a comfy bench swing while you wait.

And boy was it worth it. All the food was delicious and the atmosphere was lively, fun and warm. My friend started out with Calalou Soup, a hearty dish made from a green, leafy vegetable called the Calalou and an assortment of seafood and other veggies. It was spicy and yummy.

My boyfriend and I shared the Crab & Grits as an appetizer (you can get it as a main meal), a creamy, tasty bowl filled with chunks of crab, and topped with small cuts of veggies. This was amazing, and I would've easily been able to eat another order.

I got the Jerk Poussin, which is young chicken, as my main dish. This was SPICY. It was delicious, but too spicy for my taste, so I felt like I couldn't fully enjoy it, as my mouth was burning off my face. The cornbread stuffing was fantastic and it was all served on a bead of collard greens & turnips. Yum!

My boyfriend ordered the Burger, topped with cheddar & bacon and with a side of fries. This was a great burger, perfectly done, and the fries were great too. Crisp & crunchy and well salted.

I really liked this place and will definitely keep it on my list for dining options on future trips to San Francisco, a city that really knows how to eat!

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