Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pizza from Francesco

The other night I met a colleague after work for drinks, and when I got home all I wanted was food, fast. And I only had two beers! It's on these nights that I am particularly thankful for Francesco Pizzeria & Trattoria which is the closest place for me to get slices. I shared these, so don't think I'm that much of a piggy. I can do three of thin crust pizza, but these slices are thicker and denser than those.

So, I got a plain cheese slice, a Pepperoni slice and a slice with Eggplant. The plain slice was good. I tend to like the sauce at Francesco, it's not sweet, it's got a slight touch of hotness and it's thick. There's also a good amount of cheese on the slice, but not overly so, and the cheese has browned in some areas, which I think makes it perfectly gooey.

The pepperoni is good too. It doesn't get covered in oil from the slices of meat which are perfectly thin and nicely covering the slice. Eggplant is one of my favorite toppings for pizza, and here the eggplant is cooked perfectly. It's sliced thin, so it's not stringy and gross, and it's breaded and probably fried, so it's tasty.

The crust on all the slices is perfect. Crusty on the bottom and at the outer edge, and slightly chewy. When the pizzas are fresh, the slices are great. Every once in a while you get a bum slice, but when you're not custom ordering a whole pie, your expectations should be a tad lower, I think. Convenience plays a big role here too. The fact that I can run down, get a few slices and be back in my warm apartment in just 5 minutes is important.


rony @ catbird said...

i totes agre. it's my fave quick-slice-place in the hood.

nice blog.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Thanks for the comment & compliment! I LOVE Catbird!