Friday, May 21, 2010

Soda Bar

I'd been to Soda Bar (629 Vanderbilt Ave., between St. Marks Ave. & Prospect Pl., 718-230-8393) a number of times before I ever tried any of their food. I'm not sure I realized they even had a menu, and an interesting menu it is. It's filled with Polish food - Kielbasa, Pierogis and then an assortment of fried things - fish, onions, potatoes. I went with a big group to celebrate a friend's last day of work and we ordered a bunch of things. The Kielbasa Sandwich was the best thing I sampled. Served on Foccacia, it's got a layer of spicy mustard to off-set the salty, juicy grilled meat. I was pretty impressed.

I also got an order of Onion Rings. They were GIANT, and pretty greasy, but they were made with real, thick slices of onion, and shared with a few people, not too deadly.

Our group ordered Mushroom Pierogis and Potato Pierogis, both of which came with bacon sprinkled on top (bonus points!). The potato was hands down the better of the two. The mushroom was a bit funky tasting, whereas the potato was fluffy and light. It was a nice touch with the side of sour cream AND apple sauce!

There was also an order of Fish & Chips placed, which came with a side of tartar sauce. This is such a beige meal, it's pretty unappetizing looking, but the fish was decent and the fries were alright too. If you're hanging out and drinking beer, sometimes a basket of fried foods is just what hits the spot!

Soda Bar is a great place, especially if you're part of a large group, since they have a huge back room filled with couches and comfy chairs.


Mister Meatball said...

Pierogi, bacon, sour cream!

The perfectly balanced diet.

We'll stop by next time in the neighb, thanks.

Ivan said...

Wow-wow-wow! I want!