Friday, May 14, 2010

Dinner at Henry Public #2

Please excuse the late post. Life is super busy right now!
Happy Eating!

Henry Public (329 Henry St., between Atlantic Ave. & Pacific St., 718-852-8630) is a great place; it's very inviting and they use food made with quality ingredients and cocktails that harken back to an older time, but it's definitely on the pricey side, and a special I got recently really disappointed me. The burger, excuse me, hamburger sandwich, is delicious, made with pasture-raised, grass-fed beef, served with or without cheese and a side of perfectly crunchy, salty fries that have you searching for the last, fried bits of potato they're so good!

On our last visit, my boyfriend and I split the burger and also shared an order of their Brisket/Roast with vegetables (carrots, mushrooms, potatoes), and this is where I became disappointed. While the meat was tender and the brown sauce rich and complex, although maybe a bit too salty, where were the veggies??? There was maybe one quartered mushroom and perhaps one carrot cut in half and then quartered. It was ridiculous. You need the veggies in this dish, otherwise it's just a big portion of meat. The veggies get nicely roasted with the juices and contribute so much to the meal. It just didn't seem worth it to me.

It is such a lively, comfy spot though, that's open crazy late on the weekends (til 4am!). I won't write it off, but I know to stick to the basics from now on!

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