Monday, May 10, 2010

Savory Treats at Little Buddy Biscuit Company

For the longest time I thought Little Buddy Biscuit Company (635 5th Avenue, between 17th & 18th Streets, 718-369-6355) was just a dessert place with amazing cookies & cupcakes, but no! I went there recently and discovered that they have all sorts of savory treats like Pot Pies, homemade Hot Pockets and even some vegan stuff! They make their Hot Pockets in cute shapes like crescents and triangles and stuff them with delicious cheeses and veggies. I ordered one with mushrooms and one with artichoke hearts.

The artichoke one was my favorite. It was tangy & zesty and had chunks of artichoke in it. It was seasoned nicely and worked well as a savory treat. The mushroom one was less interesting to me - it was slightly on the sweet side and was too mushy in consistency. It would have been nicer if there were some slices of mushrooms inside instead of a mushroom puree. The dough was on the thick side, and a bit chewy; I was expecting something a little lighter and flakier. I'd like to try their Pot Pies, as I've heard great things about them. For now, I'll stick with the cookies, which are fabulous!

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