Monday, May 24, 2010

Dinner at Roman's

After getting high marks from some friends, I was eager to try Roman's (243 DeKalb Ave., between Vanderbilt & Clermont, 718-622-5300) for dinner. On a recent breezy evening, a friend and I sat outside on the sidewalk, at one of five tables set up next to the bus stop. It's a bit of a weird arrangement, but it was so nice out it was a shame to go inside. We ordered a bottle of Rosé and awaited our food. The menu changes daily, based on what's in season, available and good.

Our first course was Roasted Asparagus with shaved Pecorino and topped with a Fried Egg. I love when eggs show up in dinner foods! The asparagus were crunchy and slightly nutty, and the egg provided a creamy, yolk-y touch.

Our second course was a Lamb Agnolotti; small dumpling-like pasta stuffed with a tender, slightly sweet meat. It was served in a hearty, clear brown broth dotted with sliced scallions.

We then shared the Special Goat Entree which consisted of three cuts of meat - shoulder, rib and sausage. The goat comes from their local cheese providers, and was incredibly tender, served with a green chimichurri sauce. The shoulder was my favorite, and it fell apart with the touch of my fork. The sausage was nice too, mixed with herbs and fresh-tasting. It was quite pricey though, and took up by surprise as it was a special, and was not listed on the menu. Make sure to ask!

We also ordered a side of Braised Radishes with Mint. They were beautiful to look at but tasted more like Brussels Sprouts, a little funky and stinky. The mint was a nice touch though, and made for a bit of a sweet and refreshing flavor.

I really liked the food, the service and the wine. The interior is beautiful as well - white tiles, dark wood, on the small side. I'll definitely head back next time I'm out celebrating something.


Mister Meatball said...

Looks like a swell dinner indeed. The agnolotti look fine, as do the radishes.
I went to high school in that nabe, long time ago. Good to see it come back so strong.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Thanks for the comment. Where'd you go to HS? It's definitely a beautiful neighborhood. Now it's full of great food & drink options!

Mister Meatball said...

Bishop Loughlin. Took the A Train from ENY. This is the early 70s, so much different time, can't really compare to now. Always one of the grandest-looking nabes, though.