Monday, June 1, 2009

Pizza & Ice Cream!

While I tend to steer clear of places that have long lines outside them, Grimaldi's Pizza (19 Old Fulton Street, between Front St. & Water St., 718-858-4300) is so good, I might have to make an exception more often. If you arrive at 11am, you can be sure you'll be a part of the first wave to be seated when they open at 11:30am. Inside, it's a bustling place, with red & white checked tablecloths, photos and newspaper clippings about Frank Sinatra lining the walls in frames, and about 8 waiters, all running this way and that, trying to get everybody's orders in. The huge oven can be seen from all the tables and you can watch while your pizza is made to order.

There's a lot of hype about this pizza, but I believe it stands up to all the hyperbole with delicious, well-made, tasty pizza. The crust is perfect, crispy & thin, but still just doughy enough, and never soggy. The cheese is so fresh and has the best melty consistency, and the sauce is well-seasoned and not sweet at all. This pizza has pepperoni slices on it which are the smaller version, but slightly thicker than usual pepperoni slices and spicy enough to add a little heat. Fresh basil leaves dot the entire pie. Of course, they have lots of options for other toppings. Also, if you can't stand the lines, you can call in your order and pick it up to go.

Afterward, if it's a nice day, take a walk down to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory at 1 Water Street (or 2 Cadman Plaza West, depending on your map) for dessert (718-246-3963). There are usually 6 or 8 flavors on the menu and all are available on a cone, in a cup or made into a milkshake. It's some of the creamiest, most delicious ice cream out there, made even better by the lovely views of the Brooklyn Bridge from the pier.

These cones are displaying a single scoop of the wonderful coffee ice cream on sugar and wafer cones. Deeee-licious!


Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

While I loved Grimaldi's, I never managed to go back because of the line. Have you tried Fornino in Williamsburg and Numero 28 in the West Village? They are awesome and don't have long lines.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Oh I LOVE Fornino - such good pizza! I haven't been there since I started writing the blog, so I haven't written about them. Add that to the list!

CGdesigngirl said...

I haven't tried Grimaldi's but have heard by my foodie friend's that it's not so great.
We have a few good wood/coal oven pizza places in CG now! yay!

I have, however, tried the ice cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. I wasn't that impressed... :(

Eat It Brooklyn said...

To CGdesigngirl: To each her own I guess! I actually don't like Lucali (my pizza was mushy)! Good thing there's a range to satisfy the range of tastes people have. Thanks for the comment!

CGdesigngirl said...

I actually haven't tried Lucili yet! On Court street (down down down) is Luna Rosa, which I really like. I went to South Brooklyn Pizza a few times when they opened and liked it as well.

CGdesigngirl said...

I should tell you to try the
prosciutto pizza that is topped with fresh arugula! It's so good!

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Oh yeah, Luna Rosa! I saw that place recently, glad to hear it's good. I tried to go to SB Pizza & the music was blasting so loud I couldn't deal. Still curious though. What's your favorite Brooklyn ice cream? It's never been the same since Peter's closed :(