Monday, June 22, 2009

Dinner at Roebling Tea Room

My BF & I took some of his family to the Roebling Tea Room (143 Roebling St., between Metropolitan & Hope, 718-963-0760) for dinner the other night, and we had such a lovely time. The space is so great; big and open with nice lighting and great wall paper with illustrations of horseback riders. It's such a special spot, and the food is terrific as well.

We started out with some appetizers, one of which was the Roasted Brie, which comes with two great big hunks of a dark, pumpernickel bread and was just incredible.

We also got the Beet Salad with mixed greens, apple slices, walnuts and the creamiest, most delicious Gorgonzola ever. Lightly coated with a tasty vinaigrette, it was so fresh and flavorful.

We also got the Meat and Cheese Plate. There were two kinds of hard salami and three cheeses. I'm not sure what the cheeses were, but one was like a white sheep's milk cheese, one was like Comte, so creamy & nutty and one was like a Gouda. Two big, fat radishes rested atop the dish next to a heaping spoonful of a delicious fig jam and capers were scattered about. This is a perfect dish to share with a few people.

We ordered the Journeyman's Steak with a Juniper Sauce as well. The sauce was incredible, tangy and savory, it livened up the meat in a nice way. The steak was a bit tough though, and therefore a bit chewy, but the sauce was great and made this dish.

It didn't come with any sides, so we ended up ordering an extra plate of the steamed kale which was also amazing. It had a lemony flavor to it, and went nicely with the meat and sauce. It did come with the Half Chicken that we got, but we wanted a little extra.

The chicken was great too. Free range, juicy and nicely roasted, it was meaty and substantial and nicely seasoned. As i said, the Roebling Tea Room is a really sweet place with great food, efficient servers and a rotating menu of seasonal specials and interesting combinations of ingredients.

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Jennifer Galatioto said...

By far Roebling is one of my favorite restaurants. So great!