Friday, June 26, 2009

Dinner at Watty & Meg #2

I'm SO happy to say that I gave Watty & Meg (248 Court St., on the corner of Kane St., 718-643-0007) a second chance and had a lovely time, and meal. Having had a not so great dinner there during their first week open, I wasn't feeling too positive about it. But in my aforementioned quest to find Brooklyn restaurants that serve good, organic, grass-fed meat, I read Erin Zimmer's review on Serious Eats, which while not especially flattering, made me decide to give it another try.

It was a rainy Sunday night (when was it not!?), but there were few tables open. The space inside was inviting with low-lighting and candles and pleasant servers. We started out with their Green Salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes and sliced sweet peas which were so perfectly crunchy! The salad was delightful, with a tangy, British-inspired dressing (think Salad Cream but lighter), we ate it up in seconds.

The burger was great too. A bit on the small size, it was totally satisfying, juicy and clean tasting. The bun was delicious too - a nice crust covering soft dough inside, it was chewy in a good way instead of being complete fluff. The fries were great too - little sticks of potato, lightly salted and fluffy inside.

We also got a side of the Mac & Cheese which was impressively good as well. Made with real cheese, which clung to the pasta, it was so creamy, and had that lovely, slight crust on top from a quick turn in the oven.

For dessert we shared a Mixed Berry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream on top. Bursting with fresh, juicy berries, and topped with a dense crumb crust, this seemed almost healthy!

I'm so happy I gave Watty & Meg a second chance. It's definitely going to be my go-to place for burgers I can enjoy without feeling guilty or disgusted about the meat. They also seemed to have gotten things running smoother and tighter after this first month of being open. Yay!

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FN said...

I am back in the BK for just one week... I may have to shoot over here for the Mac n Cheese, it looks pretty good.