Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dinner at Taco Chulo

Meandering along Grand St. I found myself craving Mexican and so headed to Taco Chulo (318 Grand St., at Havemeyer, 718-302-2485) for dinner. The menu there is huge and extensive. You can basically get any combination of food in any amount - small snack or appetizer, plain taco or a gigantic plate with all the extras like beans and rice and veggies.

We started out with a couple of cocktails from their long drinks menu. I took a risk and ordered something called The Guero which is made with Cinnamon infused Vodka, Horchata and Patron XO Cafe which is a coffee liqueur made from tequila. I loved it! Spicy, sweet and complex, it was quite a treat. My BF got a Strawberry Margarita which was decent, but the lime was probably better.

We also started with some chips and salsa. I was impressed with the salsa - made with fresh, bright red tomatoes, garlic, cilantro & onion it was very addictive, even if the chips were ever so slightly stale.

For dinner I got two classic tacos, one with Carnitas (moist & juicy, flavorful and slightly spicy it was great) and one with Fish (the creamy, tangy sauce added such a nice zing to this dish, and the fish was fresh & flaky). This was the perfect amount of food, and you can get about 8 other fillings for your tacos this way.

My boyfriend chose two tacos from the list of "Signature" tacos; the BLT taco and the Baja taco. The BLT had just what it sounds like it had and was smoky and meaty and a little too 'breakfast flavor' for me. The Baja with fish, guacamole, beans, lettuce & cream sauce was really delicious; both were GIGANTIC!!

The food was great and I'd go back, but the space kinda drove me crazy. It's one, big concrete room with no effort made to deal with the way sound bounces around and gets all echo-y. If you're part of a big group and want to have a fun time, this is your place. If you want a quiet, simple dinner, go somewhere else.

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