Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dinner at The V Spot

I just got back from a really good meal with a friend at The V Spot (156 Fifth Avenue, between Degraw and Douglass, 718-622-2275), a Latin Vegan restaurant in Park Slope. I always would forget that The V Spot was a restaurant because I think I wanted it to be a lesbian bar. The name just conjures randy images. But anyway, our dinner was quite good, and as a meat eater, I'm always happy to support tasty vegan & vegetarian places as much as a good carnivorous meal.

They don't have hard alcohol at The V Spot, serving only beer and sake-based cocktails. I started out with their Mojito which was made with sake, organic champagne, mint, lime & sugar. It was good, with lots of mint, but definitely had that white-wine cocktail kind of taste. They have a 2-for-1 happy hour from 5-8pm weekdays, so I also tried something with mango & coconut in it which was a bit thick and less enjoyable than the Mojito.

We shared an appetizer of Summer Rolls, rice paper wrappers filled with avocado, lettuce, cucumber & carrots and served with Thai peanut sauce. They were GIGANTIC, and quite difficult to eat. We sorta split them open and messily ate them with our forks and hands. Do not get this if you're on a first date! The peanut sauce was great though - one of my favorites!

For my main entree I ordered the Portabello Mushroom Tacos made with spinach, avocado & potato and served with a side salad and sweet plantains. I can't get enough of plantains and these were cooked perfectly, a bit burnt, but thinly sliced and slightly caramelized. The tacos were delicious, not sure I found any mushroom in there, but the spinach was fresh and tasty and the potato added a nice texture to the dish.

My friend ordered the Tortilla Salad which is made with corn, black beans, tomatoes & avocado over mesclun greens and a choice of dressing (lemon, sesame ginger, balsamic) and bordered with fresh, homemade tortilla chips. This was delicious as well and quite substantial. A good combination of ingredients, which were fresh and nicely proportioned.

We were too full to look at the dessert menu, but judging by the main dishes, I'd venture to say that they're pretty good as well. Anybody had their desserts?


Jennifer Galatioto said...

I would totally think it was a lesbian place, too! LOL! Its funny to say the salad was of good proportions! It looks GIGANTIC...thanks for documenting all your restuarants, I actually get ideas and info from your blog. I tried to convince my friends to go to RYE because of your post, but everyone was like "its too expensive" cry me a river!!! I will go with the BF her promised. Thanks!

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Ha ha ha, yeah, that salad was big, but I think I meant well proportioned in terms of each ingredient to another. Like there wasn't too much lettuce; everything was balanced.

Thanks so much for the compliments! Yes, Rye is on the pricey side, but you can do it up cheap there OR you just save it for a special occasion!

Megan said...

hmmm, very good to know. I've been wondering about this place since it opened - sometimes fake meat vegan food can be downright disgusting, but this looks really good. A nice healthy alternative to Bogota, perhaps? Thanks for the review. (tots thought it was lesbian bar at first, too!)