Friday, August 22, 2008

Pancakes & Eggs at the Greenpoint Coffee House

*2/19/10 - I'm so sad!!! I can't believe they really closed this place. It's tragic, really. And not just to me, other people are just as sad.*

Mmmm, pancakes. The Greenpoint Coffee House, (195 Franklin St. at Green St., 718-349-6635), has some of the best around. Somehow they get them to have a crispy-ish exterior and a lovely, smooth and buttery inside. It's like they're lightly fried before brought to your table. Whatever they do, they're amazing.

This here is the Hungry Individual. It's a perfect solution to the "sweet or savory?" dilemma of Brunch. With this, you get two eggs, any style, with two pancakes, potatoes and bacon or sausage. It's also great to split with a friend since there's so much food. This time it came with blueberry pancakes.

I forgot to ask for fried eggs, and ended up getting scrambled, which always seems like a lame thing to get at a restaurant since they're so easy to make. I also realized something - while I love blueberries on their own, I don't enjoy them in things. I know it's weird, but I don't like blueberry pie, scones, muffins, and therefore...pancakes. If you like that sort of thing, then you'd love these, because they were FULL of blueberries. I mean, I ate them, but I'd much rather have their plain pancakes. The bacon here is excellent though, meaty and salty, not greasy.

To offset all of that, my friend and I also shared a bowl of Granola, Fresh Fruit and Yoghurt. This is one of my favorite combinations, and GCH makes it great with plain yoghurt and a tasty granola that is not too sweet or not sticky, but well spiced with cinnamon. The fruit is also of high quality, and they give you a substantial amount.

The Greenpoint Coffee House also has delicious coffee. I'm not sure where they get it, but it's flavorful and strong. YUM!

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M said...

Thank god for this place. I am obsessed with it. Go back and do the lunch food. I LOVE the interior.