Friday, August 1, 2008

Wild Mushroom Risotto & Oysters at 68 - yum!

68 is a new-ish restaurant on Greenpoint Ave., west of Franklin Ave., (, 68 Greenpoint Ave., 718-389-6868), and is connected in the back to Bar/Restaurant Coco 66. The fishatarian-friendly dinner menu lists lots of seafood options, and also boasts a 2-for-1 Oyster Happy Hour every day of the week. I've only recently accepted oysters into my repertoire of food, so with the 3 or 4 varieties 68 offers, it's a good way to make your way into this area of eating if you're not gung-ho about it. I took my Mom here and she loves oysters, so they were gone before I could take a picture! What you see below is the detritus of a plate of 12.

I ordered the Escargot special, which were prepared differently than the usual garlic & butter drenching and instead were marinated in a red wine sauce. They were delicious - still garlicky, but not oily. Since I'm a huge fan of Escargot, I ate them before I remembered to take a picture, so below is the aftermath of my appetizer.

My entree were excellent as well. My initial reaction to the size of my portion of Wild Mushroom Risotto was that it was a bit small, but it was just enough. It was also delicious; well-made, excellently seasoned, with big slices of mushrooms everywhere. Everyone else seemed pretty happy with their choices, and we were a large party - 8 in total - so that's a big feat to accomplish. Since I wasn't stuffed from dinner, I ordered the Chocolate Cake for dessert. MMMMMM, so good. Rich, moist cake with a warm, mousse-y center - this has become my favorite sweet ending to a good meal.

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