Friday, August 29, 2008

Ice Cream & Frozen Yoghurt at Blue Marble Ice Cream

There's little else like cold treats on a hot day. While there's a lot of buzz about all the new frozen yoghurt places opening up, within feet of each other on a small stretch of Court St., you should ignore all of that and head to Blue Marble, (420 Atlantic Ave., between Bond & Nevins, 718-858-1100, www.bluemarbleicecream), a lovely little spot that feels like the country, and uses all natural and organic ingredients, as well as biodegradable spoons and bowls. They serve mostly ice cream, but they do offer sorbets and a delicious plain frozen yoghurt called "Culture", made by Ronnybrook Farm. It was terrifically tart, and paired with strawberries and hot fudge sauce on top it was heaven in a bowl!

On another visit I tried the Mocha Chip on a cone. It was creamy goodness; a wonderful combination of coffee and chocolate, with lots of big chips of chocolate throughout. The cone however, was...interesting. I inquired and was told that the cones they use are organic. They definitely tasted differently, a little like cardboard, but maybe it's just a matter of getting used to the better-for-you ingredients.

My friend got two scoops of the Pistachio Almond, which was an amazing combination of flavors. So creamy, lots of pistachios, and it wasn't that crazy green color that pistachio often is either.

Blue Marble has another location Underhill Ave. in Prospect Heights. If you find yourself in the vicinity of either of these shops, I recommend you make your way there pronto, treat yourself and support this awesome business.


aj said...

I feel hazed by this post. Next time I come down south we have to go. I also encourage you to check out the vegan ice cream at Penny Licks on Bedfored. It is the the best soy ice cream I have ever had.

FN said...

This place rocks. They have free wi-fi to boot. Ice cream gorging and web surfing, it don't get better than that.