Monday, November 30, 2009

Dinner at Henry Public

I knew as soon as I walked into Henry Public (329 Henry St., between Atlantic Ave. & Pacific St., 718-852-8630) that I was in for some good times. The space has been restored to it's original specialness by the team that opened Brooklyn Social, with close attention paid to the details like the wood floors and photos hung on the walls while maintaining simplicity. A transformation has taken place where last there was a TV & Radio Repair Shop and now there's a spot to grab a drink and a bite, even if it's 2am (it's open until 4am on the weekends)! The first room houses the bar, the back room is the dining room. Everything is done up in black, white and wood, with tables for two and low lighting. I loved it.

The menu is small, with burgers, cheese plates and salads, but there's an interesting cocktail list, in addition to a few beers on tap. The meat is grass-fed & organically-raised, as are the eggs and dairy served. The pickles are house-made and the bun specially crafted for Henry Public. I started with the Wide Awake Cocktail made with gin, lemon, ginger (fresh & liqueur) & scotch. It was strong, fresh, bitter and delicious.

My boyfriend got the Turkey Leg Sandwich with french-fried potatoes. Out came a GIGANTIC sandwich with deliciously moist turkey - kind of pulled-pork-meets-tuna-salad in texture, but with that earthy turkey taste. The bread was thickly cut and fresh and the fries were perfectly crispy & salty.

I ordered the Hamburger with Cheddar Cheese (an incredibly dry, sharp cheddar), also served with fries. The burger was wonderfully charred on the outside, flavorful and juicy on a bun that does not overshadow the patty. Tangy slices of pickle added a nice bite.

It's definitely on the pricey side, but the quality of ingredients and atmosphere costs, right? A positive addition to the neighborhood, and nice to have a late night option!

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