Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dinner at Fragole #2

Our friends have been staying with us for a few days now, and after a long day walking around, showing them the sights of Brooklyn, we all were in need of some serious comfort food. So we decided to take them to Fragole, (394 Court, between Carroll & 1st Place, 718-522-7133) a place where you're certain to have a wonderfully delicious meal. We started with some salads. My boyfriend and I split the Insalata Barbietola, made with roasted beet, arugula, avocado and marinated goat cheese, with hazelnut oil-balsamic vinaigrette. Everything is so fresh, the flavors of the individual ingredients pop - the beets, the arugula, the goat cheese, each one stands out but blend together to make one fantastic dish.

Our friends picked a salad from the Specials menu made with apples and provolone, mixed greens and toasted hazelnuts. It, too, was delicious. Each ingredient tasty on it's own, but made into something more special when combined with each other.

Two of us chose another dish the Specials Menu for our entrees - the Fettucine with Wild Boar Ragu. Hearty, a bit gamey and intense, there was lots of meat in the dark red sauce, poured over the tender, home-made daily pasta. Your choice for fresh grated cheese and pepper on top.

I ordered the Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, porcini mushrooms and fresh ricotta salata grated on top. It was lightly flavored and more subtle than most of the dishes I've had at Fragole. While good, it didn't surpass the Firenze I usually get.

There was also an order of the Papardelle con ragu del carne, made with honey-braised short rib ragu. This is quite hearty, and has lots of pieces of tender rib meat. The honey is barely noticeable, and probably adds more to texture than to taste. It was delicious.

We ended up splitting a dessert between the four of us, and the Chocolate Cake did a fine job. It was thick and creamy, almost like fudge or mousse, and was dotted with little pieces of hazelnut. Dollops of fresh whipped cream accompanied the cake and made for a wonderfully decadent finish to our meal.

Another incredible meal, impressed guests and satisfied diners. Also, they have a large selection of wines all priced at $27 which makes it easy to have a bottle with your meal.

4 comments: said...

Fragole's papardelle is my all time favorite! Love living in this neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Y'know, my girlfriend and I tried this place after some recommendations from friends and . . . we were both pretty disappointed. Found everything to be just kinda there and also very, very over-salted. I just don't get the raves.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Hmmm, that's too bad. I've experienced the over-salted, but not in an extreme way. I guess nothing fits everyone's expectations and standards. Good thing there's lots to choose from! Thanks for the comment Anon.

Anonymous said...

It was I who joined Eat It Brooklyn for this meal, and the short rib ragu was rich and magnificent. Truly unlike anything I've ever eaten.