Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dinner at Dumont

** Austria Wine Month started a few weeks ago and continues until November 22. Restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan will be offering special prix fixe menus, pairings and select rare Austrian wines by the glass. Boozy NYC has the complete list. Stay tuned for my write-up of my trip to Thomas Beisl! **

! We took our visiting friends to Dumont (432 Union Avenue, between Metropolitan Ave. & Devoe St., 718-486-7717) for dinner Saturday night, and wouldn't you know it, my camera battery died! So, please accept iPhone photos, but I think the food transcends the photos. Trust me!

We started with cocktails. The Mary MacGregor was deliciously citrusy with lemon juice, Dewar's, Apricot Liquor and a sugar-coated rim. Smooth, sweet and tart, it's dangerously good. I also had the Scarlett O'Hara (these were the only two named that way; listed together makes them sound a bit ridiculous) which was Gin, lemon, real crushed cranberries and something else I forget. It's a seasonal drink, light and refreshing, with the kick of strong, bitter fruit. Pretty too.

For food, we started with some salads. One of the best tasting dishes I've had in a while was the Crispy Artichokes, with baby arugula, parmesan, lemon, herbs & creamy garlic dressing. The dressing! Tangy, strong, smooth, with the wonderful small artichokes that were lightly fried was incredible! Dang!

Then we ordered the Dumac & Cheese, with bacon, made with cheddar, gruyere and parmesan. It's perfect to share since it's so rich & creamy. It's fantastic though; thick and full-flavored, not thin or powdery at all.

And, of course, we got a Burger, because they're so good. Presented with perfect, crispy fries, thick slices of pickle, tomato & lettuce, it's cooked exactly to order and arrives on a bun that's neither too thick or too thin. You also get a choice of cheddar, American, danish blue or gruyere if you want it with cheese.

For a little bit of extra vegetables, we got a side of Brussels Sprouts which were solidly good. Nothing note-worthy or special, but good, fall veggies, sauteed in butter served with a sprinkling of salt & pepper.

Even though it was quite full, the wait wasn't very long. They've got the backyard garden covered and heated, so there's ample seating and a few bar areas to wait at with your cocktails or beer. Since the food is worth waiting for, it really isn't a bother.


Jennifer Galatioto said...

Such a fave! It looks like they changed up the menu since I was there last. Nice!

BGGB said...

One of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn!

JamesHutchinson said...

OK, stop right there - it's 'Brussels Sprouts'. Not Brussel. There's no such place as Brussel.

I was there on Saturday night too, and when I pointed it out to the waiter he did not look pleased. OK, so I was drunk, but not drunk enough I can't spot a spelling mistake on the menu.

I demand an apology from the writer of this so-called 'blog'.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Well I'll be! I'm usually an impeccable speller, but this one got by me. Not sure a -personal- apology is in order...I think it's Brussels Sprouts that deserve the I'm sorry in this case! Thanks for the comments!

JamesHutchinson said...


I had the burger, btw. It was as you described.