Friday, November 20, 2009

Breakfast & Cookies at B-Line

Beginning today and lasting through next week, I will be posting about the food I ate on a recent trip to Tucson. There's some amazing food in Tucson, so stay tuned. You'll want to hear about this!

If you find yourself in Tucson, as I did recently (visiting family), head over to the B-line (621 N. 4th Avenue Tucson, AZ, between E.4th & E.5th, (520) 882-7575) for an excellent breakfast to start your day right. All the eggs are organic & free-range, the coffee is strong and delicious, and you can have the best cookie for dessert, if you have room. Maybe get it and save it for later.

On this trip, I chose the Scramble with Spinach (you can get other veggies or meats in yours), with a side of beans and toast that all comes with little pots of butter and wonderful fruity jams. It being the southwest, everything comes with beans instead of potatoes. The eggs were fluffy, with lots of spinach mixed in. The bread was fresh, and like I said, the jams were chunky with fruit and delicious.

My boyfriend got the Bagel Sandwich - eggs & cheese on a toasted bagel. The eggs were spilling over the side, and the bagel was pretty good, it being Tucson, did I mention?

One of the best Chocolate Chip Cookies I ever had was from B-line, so I made sure to get one for later. Packed with chips, it's soft, chewy and melty and can be shared between three people it's so big!

I also got a Mexican Wedding Cookie just out of curiosity. Turns out, it's one of my favorite cookies - powdery, with pieces of hazelnut and maybe something almondy? I think every culture has this kind of cookie - it's a typical German holiday cookie - and it's one of my favorites, yet I never know what it's called since I've had it in so many different styles.

The B-line is open late (10pm Friday & Saturday, 9pm Mon. - Thurs. and 8pm on Sunday), so you can stop by for lunch or dinner. There's no table service though, you order at the counter and they bring you your food. They also serve wine and beer (13 microbrews on tap) in addition to coffee, natural & regular sodas and fresh squeezed juices.

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poep sa frank jude said...

Ah, just tonight I was there and had an amazing Feta-Jack Burrito, with pinto beans, some greens and delicious salsa!