Friday, October 2, 2009

Pizza at Layla Jones

I had some pieces of a Margarita Pizza from Layla Jones (214 Court St., between Warren St. & Baltic St., 718-624-2361) the other night. Having never eaten there, I had been curious about their pizzas, all of which sound very enticing based on their descriptions. The Margarita had lots of fresh basil and the cheese was real mozzarella, which is always a good thing. The sauce was ok too, a bit chunky, savory and not sweet, but a little thinly spread, which is disappointing. But what was really disappointing was the crust. It was weird. Like, bland and cracker-like. Brittle and airy in a bad way. I don't even understand how that happened.

Needless to say, with all the other places to get a mere decent slice of pizza, I'm not going to be running back anytime soon. I will try their pressed sandwiches, maybe, if that's what's most convenient, but there's too much great food to settle for this.

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SumnerGreen said...

I like their regular pies. they are very tasty, fresh tasting and not as greasy as the other slices in the neighborhood. It's nice to have an alternative option to the regular plain pizza fare offered in Cobble Hill/ Carroll Gardens.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Yes, the pizza is definitely not greasy, and the ingredients/toppings are clearly fresh & high quality. I just wish they did something different with that crust!