Monday, October 5, 2009

Lobster Rolls at Farmacy

There's been a lot of movement in the last few months at the corner store now known as Brooklyn Farmacy, (513 Henry St., at the corner of Sackett St.). The soon to be soda-fountain and produce stand may also be a once-in-a-while lobster roll shack as well. Coming home from the Atlantic Antic yesterday, hungry and tired with sore feet, the chalk writing on the sidewalk pointed the way to the Farmacy for Lobster Rolls, $8 each, or two for $15. You could also get claws and tails for $4 or $6, but the rolls called our names. We got two because neither of us wanted to share, and we were happy we did.

Sorry about the missing bite - they were too good to resist before snapping a picture! Lovingly placed on a bed os lettuce, the sweet, succulent pieces of lobster mixed with scallions, celery, mayo and herbs made for a delicious mid-afternoon treat. Made with sort-of sweet hot dog rolls that were soft and pillowy, we were totally satisfied and settled in to a happy cat nap on our sun-drenched couch afterward. Mmmm. The best. We were told that they were fresh from Maine, and the new owner was heading back there this week, so keep your eyes out for more sidewalk signs next weekend for your Lobster Roll!

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Color Me Green said...

those are cheap lobster rolls! i want to check out the lobster rolls at Red Hook Lobster Pound too