Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sandwiches at Building on Bond

Yes, the Atlantic Antic was weeks ago, but the pleasant memories linger, especially when one is thinking about the B.B.Q. Pork Sandwich Building on Bond (112 Bond St. at the corner of Pacific St., 718-852-0301) was serving from their stand on the corner of Atlantic & Bond, just a block away from their storefront where they're open from Breakfast until Dinner serving all manner of yummy treats in a beautiful, sun-drenched space.

This incredible sandwich though, is made with braised pork, apple jicama slaw and red pepper aioli on pretzel bread. The pork is super cooked down, in all it's brown, tasty juices which run down the sides of your mouth when you take that first bite. The pretzel roll is a nice touch, with big crystals of salt, but is a bit on the dry side. I could have used a bit more pork on this sandwich. The Jicama slaw is also great - a nice, crunchy, refreshing bite to cut the heavy meat.

No need to fret, this sandwich is a regular on their lunch menu, so it's not just at street fairs that it's available. Served with a spear of dill pickle, this sandwich is quite the treat.

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laura said...

that looks intriguing. i definitely want to try out this spot, and i hear their whoopie pies are also supposed to be excellent.