Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dessert at Sweet Melissa

To celebrate an event my boyfriend has been preparing months for, I picked up a few things at Sweet Melissa (276 Court St., Brooklyn, NY 11231, (718) 855-3410 - they also have a Park Slope location on 7th Avenue near 1st Street). There's a lot to choose from here, from pies and cakes to small chocolates and tarts. I started with a big Chocolate Cherry Cookie, which was not too sweet, was deeply chocolatey with a touch of tart cherry. Chocolate chips and dried cherries dotted the cookie.

I also got three Truffles - one Pistachio that was rolled in chopped nuts and tasted nicely nutty, one Dark Chocolate, that was on the bitter side, thick and strong tasting (which I liked) and a Creamy Milk Chocolate one that was light and airy and less flavorful. Such decadent, creamy treats!

I also got a slice of their Pumpkin Bread Pudding with a caramel currant sauce. I love their Classic Bread Pudding and their Chocolate version as well, but this was a little disappointing. The pumpkin flavor was very subtle, and it was very bready, less moist than the other kinds I prefer. It came with a thick caramel sauce with currants in it that also tasted a little like cinnamon too.

Sweet Melissa is also a nice place to go as well. It's like a comfy living room, with bench seating with pillows and a really nice backyard that is twice the size as it once was since they expanded this past year. They serve soup and salads and really great fruit & cheese plates as well. Lovely.

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FN said...

I love this place, especially their ice cream....