Friday, September 11, 2009

Breakfast at Prime Meats

I've said it before, but I really love going out for breakfast, especially in the middle of the week when you're one of maybe two or three tables in a place and it's quiet and mellow and peaceful. I had the luxury of having some time off, and took advantage by having breakfast at the lovely Prime Meats (465 Court St., at Nelson St., 718-254-0327). It's been decorated so nicely, with hand-painted wallpaper, dark wood and delicate-looking light fixtures, and the food is top-notch as well. The menu is similar to Frankie's, the other spot owned by the Franks, just a few doors down, but that's OK, cuz their brunch is delish.

On this day, I chose the Granola with blueberries and yoghurt, which is oaty, nutty and has bits of dried fruit. The yoghurt is tangy and creamy and the fresh blueberries offer a burst of juicy, sweetness.

My boyfriend got the French Toast, of course, because it's just so amazing. I don't know what they do to it (well, I think it has something to do with butter), but its crispy, slightly burnt outside and fluffy, chewy inside is perfect. With real maple syrup and more of those fresh blueberries, it's one of my most favorite dishes out there.

The coffee is worth mentioning here too - they serve Stumptown coffee which I really like. I know there's a major division of opinion out there, but I find their lattes to be exceptional, and the iced coffee to be flavorful and not watery at all.

Definitely a great spot any time of day. The hours are great - they're open really early so you can stop in before work, or in the evening for a drink and dinner.


FN said...

I am back in the BK in about a week, this spot looks perfect to add to the hit list. Never been.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Oh it's so good! I've written about it three times now. Great burger, sausages, salads, cocktails, ambiance...let me know if you go what you think!

Max Van Der Cock said...

I went for breakfast not too lung ago - lovely french toast. and I'm a HUGE fan of Stumptown - especially the espresso.

I still find the layout a bit weird - kind of unnecessarily cramped.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Thanks for the comment gordon - I see what you're saying about the space. There's that weird big area in the front and a narrow area between the booths & the bar, but the booths are so nice, I think that's where some of the sacrifice comes in. I don't go during high-volume times, so, that helps!

AWR said...

I want to try this place. They were written up in TONY last week as well. I'm going for the steak.
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