Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mexican at Rachel's Taqueria

After a long, hot day in Prospect Park, I didn't want to go too far for food, so my BF & I ambled down the hill to Rachel's Taqueria (408 5th Avenue, between 7th & 8th Streets, 718-788-1137) for some drinks & tacos. We were seated in the back room, complete with Mayan murals and something on one section that looked like a power plant gone bad.

I started out with the Watermelon Mojito from the specials menu that was an impulse buy and something I regretted later. Made with Midori, it had that unmistakeably airplane-bathroom-smell taste, sickly sweet and just weird. The mint was nice though.

For my dinner, I ordered two tacos; one fish and one carne asada. Both were tasty, substantially filled and fresh. Topped with shredded lettuce and salsa, each on two small corn tortillas, they were the perfect amount of food. And from the a la carte menu, you can mix and match depending on your cravings.

My BF got a taco dinner; three tacos, your choice, which come with rice and beans and a small salad. He picked one spinach, one corn and one carne asada. The tacos were great - the corn came from a can, but wasn't mushy, and the spinach was fresh and flavorful, as was the meat. The rice was standard and the beans were fine.

All in all it was a good meal. The service was attentive and sweet (our waitress called everyone "darlings" or "sweeties"), and everything was basically as expected. Just stick to the standard Margaritas!


BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Sounds decent, but I'm telling you - you must trek out to Sunset Park. It's really just a quick bus ride up 5th Avenue. And if you take the bus up you can take the train back without paying extra!

Xochimilco (gives you a mini horchata while you wait for take-out)

Tacos Matamoros (supposedly the most authentic, although I say X is better)

The tamales at Don Paco Lopez are excellent 90% of the time.

And if you promise not to blog about it, I'll direct you to the best (and truly most authentic) gorditas and pozole in NYC. :)

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Do you have stock in these places?? :)

Yes, I promise, I will head to these Sunset Park spots very soon. It just takes planning & I'm usually eating on the fly/when my appetite strikes.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I wish! And I wish I had the time/inclination to make something out of the masa that Don Paco sells.