Friday, July 17, 2009

Dinner at Brooklyn Fish Camp

When I asked my Mom the other night what she wanted for dinner, she said, "A salad and a nice piece of fish", so naturally we headed to Brooklyn Fish Camp, (165 5th Avenue, between Douglass & Degraw Streets, 718-783-3264), the BK outpost of Manhattan's Mary's Fish Camp. I'd actually never been there, but was pleasantly surprised and have now added it to the long roster of great Brooklyn restaurants. We were seated in the little backyard courtyard at one of the long communal tables. There were a few red, white & rose wines by the glass, a handful of beer on tap (we got a Pilsner and an IPA that were delicious - Victory and Greenflash), and a selection of specials as well.

We started with half a pound of peel & eat shrimp that were coated with a delightful spicy sauce and were polished off in mere minutes.

My boyfriend and I started with a salad of Romaine Hearts with Avocado, Cucumber & Green Goddess Dressing which was divine. Crispy, crunchy, tangy and creamy and pure goodness.

My Mom chose the Peekytoe Crab Beignets with Key Lime Aioli which were like a combination of crab cakes & hush puppies. Little balls of tender crab meat, well seasoned and perfect when dipped into the creamy aioli.

For our entree, my BF & I shared the Grilled Daurade Filet with Yellow Wax Beans,
Cannellini Beans and Radishes. There were two big pieces of fish that was meaty and slightly oily, brightened up by the beans & radishes. It was a satisfying and delicious dish.

My mom then eschewed her "nice piece of fish" and instead chose the Rocket salad made with Sweet Peas, Chives, Dill and Mint. This was quite amazing, with all those bright & intense herbal flavors and the almost bitter rocket. I have to remember to use mint & dill in my salads!

We also got a side of the Fried Artichokes cuz I adore them. These were so-so though, and therefore disappointing. They were really tough and chewy and sort of bland. The dipping sauce was great though...

All in all it was a successful trip and delicious meal. Our server was friendly and on top of things, and the food was top notch. The people sitting next to us ordered the Bread Pudding for dessert and it looked terrific too; we were just too full. Next time!

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Jennifer Galatioto said...

Thank you again for another great find! What's with the peekytoe!? What a great name. I had peekytoe crab cakes at Dumont last night. WOWOWOWOWO! So amazing!

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Perhaps Peekytoe is in season??

Anonymous said...

HUGE fish fan, thanks so much for the review, I gotta check this out. I'll link out to you shortly!

Unknown said...

I love Brooklyn Fishcamp-it's even better than Mary's.
The grilled fish is always fresh, delicious and cooked perfectly. They have the best grilled calamari & greens salad I've ever had. As for desert, the ice cream Sunday is great to share.
If you're not in the mood for a big meal I recommend sitting at the bar for a salad and/or app and a nice glass (or two) of wine. The service is good and the atmosphere is very fun-sort of like a Brooklyn Fish Fry.