Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dinner from Bedouin Tent

Bedouin Tent (405 Atlantic Avenue, between Bond & Nevins, 718-852-5555) is a consistent stand-by for my family when I'm over at their place visiting, we're all hungry and nobody wants to cook. They deliver pretty quickly and the food is quite good (and if you'd rather dine in, there's a sweet little 'tent' in the backyard that elicits the feeling of being part of a caravan that has stopped for the night, all warm tones and coziness.

We started with the Combination Plate, this time with Hummus, Babagaouj, Tabouleh, Yogurt Sauce and Green Salad. The Baba is smoky, earthy & amazing, the hummus is creamy yet substantial, the tabouleh is fresh & bright, the green salad is crisp & cleansing with green peppers and cucumbers and the yogurt sauce is tart & thick. This all comes with a huge, warm pita for scooping, dipping & dunking.

We also ordered a Spinach Pie, which is as big as a calzone but flatter, stuffed with spinach and warm, melted cheese and just delicious. It's savory, slightly salty and so good, you can stop tearing off pieces despite all the other good stuff in front of you.

We always get the Green Pitza made with mozzarella, scallions, leeks and fenugreek. It's one of my favorite flavor combinations and is SO tasty. The toppings are spread on generously and are cooked to perfection. There are other pitzas made with lamb or chicken or sun-dried tomato, but this is hands down the best!

Of course there were orders of falafel sandwich too, cuz they make 'em really good! I get mine with extra hummus added, and even though I ask for just a LITTLE bit of hot sauce, they don't really listen to that and put more than I prefer. Oh well, it's OK since the falafel balls are moist and tender and there's enough of everything - lettuce, tomatoes & tahini - in every bite of the warm, flaky pita. Yum!

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Kelley, Sailing Chance said...

This place looks great. I can't wait to try it! And, it's so cheap :)

Thanks for all the reviews, you are my go-to source for Brooklyn dining.

Color Me Green said...

pitza...a delicious idea!

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Thanks! It IS great. The lentil soup is good too! Enjoy!

Jennifer Galatioto said...

I just read this book called, "The Language of Baklava" and the authors family is from Jordan and Bedouin to be exact, so this would be a great way to celebrate the great novel which is full of really yummy recipes! Do they have baklava there, too?

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Oooh, what a great sounding book. They totally have a bunch of honey baklava-ish desserts. Little honey cakes and filo dough treats with pistachio nuts on top. I'm always too full for dessert though, so I can't vouch for anything!

Anonymous said...

This looks and sounds absolutely delicious...and decently priced! I just got out of a drug rehab and have been craving baklava.