Monday, July 20, 2009

Breakfast at Little Purity Diner #2

I had the good fortune of having a recent weekday morning free, and got to have breakfast with a friend of mine at The Little Purity Diner in Park Slope (390 7th Ave. at 12th St.). I so love it there! Big booths line the wall by the windows, tables are in the center of the room and there are stools at the counter near the kitchen. You also get bottomless cups of coffee and you can sit there for what feels like forever, chatting and relaxing, even after you've done eating.

So, I got a bowl of oatmeal, what felt like quite a risk, being that we were at a diner, but it was actually pretty good. Yeah, they didn't have brown sugar or raisins, but they had cinnamon and I could've gotten it with banana. It was pretty thick and substantial, not the runny, gluey mess I was worried I'd be served.

My friend got an egg sandwich with turkey bacon on an English muffin which was really good. Big strips of turkey bacon layered with fried egg, just a tad bit overcooked. Yum!

It's also super cheap at Little Purity, sunny in the mornings, and like I said, pretty quiet during the week (I haven't been there on the weekend to know what traffic is like - anyone care to say?).

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