Monday, September 14, 2009

Snacks from Peeled Snacks

I recently got an email from Laurie Pierre with Peeled Snacks saying she'd seen my blog and asking if I wanted to try some of their products. Never one to turn down free food, I gladly accepted. I had sampled some Peeled Snacks before, but hadn't tried many of flavors. Since they're a new-ish (they were created in 2005 by Noha Waibsnaider) Brooklyn-based company, I thought they made the cut in terms of me writing about them.

Turns out, there are SO MANY different combinations and yummy treats available. They offer single-serving resealable bags of one kind of dried fruit and bags of dried fruit & nut combos that offer some protein with your snack. My favorites are the dried mango (how do they get it to stay so soft?), which is very flavorful and packs a big mango punch, the fig-stated, a mixture of figs, apricots, dates, pistachios and almonds. (They also have Bing Cherries, Pineapple, Bananas, Apples & Apricot, plus a few other fruit & nut combos with white peaches, cashews and other great ingredients). The servings seem small, but I think we all need to re-learn what a single serving is!

Another cool thing is that the nuts come separately wrapped so they maintain their crunch. Most of the fruit is organic, and there is NOTHING added - no extra sugar or preservatives, just the fruit and nuts and that's it. So nice to not have everything coated in partially hydrogenated oil or mixed with high fructose corn syrup. There's also a fruit & nut combo called Shock-olate with chocolate chips that's only available during cool-weather months that I haven't tried, but am eager to taste. The only thing that gives me pause is the plastic packaging. I'm not sure if there's a way around that, but when there's so much good dried fruit and nuts available in bulk, this isn't going to be my main source for eating those products. It seems Peeled Snacks are best when you're out and about and in need of a healthy pick-me-up.

***Update 9-16-09***

I just received an email from Peeled Snacks addressing the packaging issue. Turns out, they're working on finding a solution but in the meantime, you can send your empty Peeled Snacks bags directly to them for recycling! How excellent is that?! Send your bags to:

Peeled Snacks
530 3rd Avenue, Suite 2R
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Attn: Recycling


Unknown said...

Laurie from Peeled Snacks here! Currently our bags are not recyclable using conventional recycling pick-up methods, but you can send us your bags and we will recycle them for you. To learn how, go to:

Happy Snacking!

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Hey! What a great thing! I'm glad to know there's a plan being created to deal with packaging. It's such a difficult issue! Thanks for being aware and concerned yourself! I'll make sure to add info to my original post about sending bags to Peeled for recycling! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi I love Peeled Snacks. As a fitness professional and personal trainer I would recommend this to all of my students and clients. We can kick the potato chips and candy to the curb now. Thanks Peeled Snacks there are no EXCUSES now.