Friday, August 7, 2009

Lunch at Eat

I'm sorta confused as to what this place is called now. For years my boyfriend and I used to go here when it was Eat Records, the pancakes, eggs and bacon were the best and crates of the real deal lined the walls while off-beat avant-garde music filled the space. Now it seems to be known as just Eat (124 Meserole Ave., between Manhattan Ave. & Graham Ave., 718-389-8083) and there are only a few crates of records there, but what remains is pretty awesome. If you do a search online, "Eat Coffee LLC" comes up, but I understand they don't sell coffee to go anymore, much to the chagrin of online commentators. I spoke with the waitress a little about the menu and was told all of it is based on what's available at farms both really nearby (Rooftop Farm) and sorta nearby (upstate a little). Eat also hosts a CSA with the produce from the upstate farm and the chef creates the menu around what's freshest and in season. What you get is really good, tasty, quality food in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

There are appetizers, crostini, soups and sandwiches to choose from and everything sounded really enticing. I started out with a green salad made with greens from the Rooftop Farm, two kinds of radishes and topped with cheese from Consider Bardwell Farms (love them!). It was slightly bitter, really fresh and very flavorful with a light dressing of lemon juice and olive oil. I highly recommend it!

I also got the special Bahn Mi sandwich made with boiled eggs, carrots, parsley and daikon. The bread was crusty, and the ingredients just popped! So fresh and bright and yummy.

My BF got the Frittata made with asparagus that was gorgeous AND delicious to boot. Served cold, with a small salad on the side, it's perfect for a hot summer day.

I was sad to see Eat Records go, and they definitely went through some growing pains, but it's current iteration is wonderful and I hope more people go there to support a true local, community-oriented business!

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