Monday, August 17, 2009

Cheese & Bread at The Clover Club

I had imbibed at The Clover Club (210 Smith St., between Butler St. Baltic St., 718-855-7939) before, but never had tried their food until recently. There were a bunch of items on the menu that caught my eye (like the homemade potato chips fried in duck fat and the deviled eggs served four different ways), but we stuck to a simple & traditional cheese & bread plate. With three cheeses and two breads, it's perfect for a light snack shared between two people. This night's plate came with a Gloucester (sharp, flaky), a Piave (nutty and complex) and a Rosso de Langa (a deliciously creamy Italian brie that you can get just down the road at Stinky Brooklyn).

There were slices of French bread and slices of a darker bread with raisins and walnuts that was a terrific match with the Rosso de Langa. The music was great (Ray Charles, Koko Taylor), and the drinks were tasty too (albeit a bit pricey). I chose the Mai Thai (Rum Agricole, White Rum, Lemongrass syrup, kafir lime leaves and lime juice) which was refreshing and a touch spicy. Gotta get back for those deviled eggs!

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