Friday, December 12, 2008

Seasonal American Fare at Buttermilk Channel

I finally got a chance to try out Buttermilk Channel, (524 Court St., at Huntington Street, 718-852-8490), the newest addition to dining on Court St. A few months ago, owner Doug Crowell set up a tasting table at the Carroll Gardens Farmer’s Market to give locals a sneak peek at what kinds of dishes would be available. I was excited to learn that he’d be highlighting local, seasonal fare, as well as locally raised organic meats. Buttermilk Channel is described as American Bistro, which includes Southern dishes (Fried Chicken with Waffles), Duck Meatloaf, an alternate take on an old stand-by and homemade pickles.

Walking into the restaurant you’re immediately welcomed by the cozy warm glow of the lighting and the dark wood of the floors and bar area. It’s a big dining room, but it feels friendly instead of cold and while it’s decorated with Stoop Sale finds, it’s not cluttered at all. We were seated at what I think was the best table, in the back corner by the window. On the sill sat a big glass vase with cranberries on the bottom in which a tall candle was nestled. The only thing that would’ve made it better was if it had been snowing outside.

The wait-staff was friendly and attentive and the owner himself stopped by to see how we were doing. We ended up chatting a bit about the neighborhood and other such topics. Then there was the delicious food. The menu is extensive, offering snacks, sides, appetizers, main dishes, or sandwiches (two types of sausages on a roll with onions, peppers & mustard). There is also a separate, just-as-extensive Vegetarian menu!

I chose two starters because I couldn't decide what to get. The Delicata Squash Tart comes with house-made ricotta, brown butter and organic greens. The ricotta was super creamy and slightly tart, a nice balance to the sweet and savory squash. The tart itself was a bit doughy, when I expected it to be flakier. It was delicious though, and could easily overlook the chewiness of the dough.

I also ordered the Spice-Rubbed Baby Back Ribs which came with a Winter Vegetable Slaw and Cider Glaze. The slaw was fantastic, made with slices of kale and shredded carrot and cabbage. It was a wonderful new take on a boring stand-by. The meat was also fantastic - it was so tender it easily fell from the bone. Four ribs made for a very filling appetizer!

My boyfriend picked the Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Pasta, which comes with black olives and rosemary butter. The olives went surprisingly well with the other flavors which made it delicious. The rosemary butter ended up being a little oily though, which brought the dish down a notch.

We were too full to order dessert but I'm definitely going back to try the Chocolate Bread Pudding! I was very happy with my food at Buttermilk Channel and am happy to welcome this newest member to the local dining scene.

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Color Me Green said...

mmm sounds like my kind of place. I hadn't heard about it yet, so thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I just went last night and have been daydreaming about my meal all day: lamb and romaine with fried capers and deliciousness, with the souther fried chicken entree. and the chocolate bread pudding was delicious: more like a molten lava chocolate cake with some orange whipped cream on top.