Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Burger from Pit Stop

Today's post takes a look at Pit Stop (127 Columbia Street, between Kane and Degraw Streets, 718-875-4664), a cozy, fun auto racing-themed French Bistro in the Columbia Street Waterfront District. The front dining room is really small and cozy, with only a handful of booths & tables, but the backyard is spacious. It takes up three lots and includes a deck with tables, two Petanque courts and a whole driveway lined with big-wheel type driving toys for kids to play with while their adults eat. It's great, and the food is good too.

One night however, I found myself getting home late and in the mood for a burger. I had ordered the burgers at Pit Stop before and found them to be delicious, so I decided to get one to go. What came was a huge burger, on a huge bun, covered in melted blue cheese with diced tomatoes and some lettuce and a side of thinly sliced and well-salted french fries. It was delicious, and satisfied my burger craving, but it was HUGE, like I mentioned, and there's too much bun. I ended up taking off the top and having it open-faced.

In an attempt to be a little healthy, I also ordered a side of sauteed green beans. While the portion was nice, they were overcooked with tons of butter and therefore mushy. While well seasoned with big slices of garlic, I ate only a few as they were pretty disappointing.

On a previous occasion, I stopped in to Pit Stop for their amazing, incredible, wonderful Warm Chocolate Cake. Filled with melty, gooey goodness, this dessert is one of my favorites, and so well done here. Decorated with whipped cream and a yummy raspberry sauce, this dessert is worth the trip.

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