Friday, December 26, 2008

Polish Food at Teresa's

I was doing some Holiday shopping last weekend in Brooklyn Heights and suddenly had a craving for some Pierogis and Potato Pancakes so I met up with my boyfriend at Teresa's (80 Montague St. between Hicks and Columbia Heights, 718-797-3996), a Polish restaurant that my family and I used to order delivery from when I was in High School. I'm so glad it's still there, as so much has changed over the years.

We started out with a salad, knowing that the rest of our meal would be all things greasy, heavy and fried. The salad was perfect with crisp Iceberg lettuce, wedges of not-mealy tomato, shredded carrots and thin slices of red onion. The Thousand Island dressing came in a little dish on the side.

We ordered a half order of mixed Pierogis which is one of each of the four kinds (Mushroom, Potato, Meat and Cheese). The meat is kind of yucky and the mushroom is good, but my favorites were the potato and the cheese (which is the kind of slightly sweet cheese you'd find in a Blintz). We got a side of sour cream and applesauce for dunking.

We also got a half order of the Potato Pancakes which is three very large and very greasy pancakes that are made from what seemed like mashed potato rather than shredded potato. They're good though, and taste lightly of black pepper, which may be used in the mixture. The sour cream and applesauce is good with these as well.

As our main dish we got the Kielbasa with Sauerkraut. This was perfect, and so beautifully presented with cross-hatchings and grilled. The sauerkraut was like a stew; made with pork, mushrooms and Bay leaves and was delicious. Perfect on a cold day.

Then for 'dessert' we got the half order of the Apple Fritters, also three to an order. These were just disappointing. Too, too greasy which masked any flavor whatsoever. I remember them being better.

All in all I think Teresa's is a great, simple Diner-style restaurant with delicious Polish classics. They make a great Mushroom barley soup, and they also serve Brunch - I hear the French Toast is great!

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FN said...

I love this place! My go-to's are the pierogis, the egg/kielbasa sandwich on english muffin for breakfast and the apple fritters. Last time I went (about a month ago) the apple fritters were good.

Anonymous said...

You should try their White Borscht. It is to die for.

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Ooooh, thanks for the tip, Anon!