Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dumplings at Eton

**Eton has moved and is now located at 359 Sackett St., just off of Smith St., around the corner from Zaytoon's. The menu is the same.**

Eton, 205 Sackett St., between Henry St. & Hicks St., 718-222-2999, hours: 11:30am-11:30pm), Carroll Gardens.

Five dumplings come in an order for $3.50. Quite a bargain for such scrumptious little treats. We took home the Chicken Dumplings with Sweet & Spicy sauce and the Vegetable (with Mushrooms, Lentils & Tofu) with a homemade Soy Sauce. Yummy! The chicken had abundant, juicy white meat and the sauce was a perfect match, tasty and tangy.


The vegetable dumplings tasted very fresh. The flavor of the celery and carrots jumped out, but the lentils were a little dry or something. I didn’t like the texture of them, and thought the soy sauce was on the bland side, as compared to the sweet & spicy sauce.


I tried the beef and pork dumplings the first time I went into Eton and they tasted fantastic - deliciously salty, savory and tender. They also serve Shaved Ice, with a huge array of flavors to choose from, but I’ve yet to try them out. Eton is awesome, and is the only late-night place to go to in the neighborhood if you need some quick, warm & tasty food at 11pm.

**** UPDATE 10/3/08****
Just found out that Eton has "re-opened" with a new wood counter-top, new stools, new staff, and new biodegradable take-out containers! They're also selling their homemade sauce by the jar. Yay!

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