Monday, July 28, 2008

Fish Tacos and Grilled Corn

I finally made it down to the new segment of Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 1 this weekend ( It's located just south of the Bargemusic barge and the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. The entrance is at the end of Old Fulton St. where you walk through a little opening in a fence that leads onto a concrete walkway with little "hills" of grass. At the end is a fantastic view of the Harbor where you can see all four of Olafur Eliasson's Waterfalls. There's a great breeze, and a little cafe set up by Rice that sells Fish Tacos, Grilled Corn, and other such treats. You can sit at the bar or at tables under festive blue and yellow umbrellas.

The Fish Tacos were great, filled with a substantial amount of fish, cabbage and cliantro. There are a variety of sauces on hand to spice it up a bit and I found it to taste like a Thai version of Fish Taco. The corn was great too; crunchy and tasty with cotija cheese all over it, and the chips and guacamole were good too. The chips were an interesting V-shape, and while I initially felt the serving was paltry, paired with the other items I was glad it wasn't bigger. The watermelon juice was kind of bland, and I wished I had ordered the Ginger Lemonade.

Overall it's a really cute spot; perfect to take a break at while you're walking around the Heights, DUMBO and Downtown. And hopefully a little glimpse at what's going to be a truly awesome park, running the length of Furman St. and beyond. It will be open through Labor Day.

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