Monday, July 21, 2008

Brunch at Harefield Road

Brunch: A meal that serves as both breakfast and lunch. So says I love brunch, and have a list of favorites that I rely on when the times comes. Sometimes I'm not in control of where we get to eat however, so we ended up at Harefield Road on Sunday morning (769 Metropolitan, between Humboldt and Graham, (718) 388-6870). There's nothing terribly wrong with Harefield (save our waitress' mood), and I suppose that if you live in the neighborhood you'd end up going there a lot.

I'm generally supportive of wait staff and give generous tips all the time, having worked in restaurants myself, but the waitress we had on Sunday was really a downer. She seemed like it was a major pain in the ass that we sat down and ordered food, and barely let us finish eating before clearing our plates.

There were five of us there Sunday morning, so we got to sample a wide range of dishes. Eggs Benedict, a Breakfast Burrito, French Toast, a Salmon dish and Eggs Over Easy with potatoes and bacon. Everything looked great, generous portions of bacon (bacon makes it better), and we each got a free Mimosa or Bloody Mary with our meal. Only one person was brave enough for the Bloody Mary and found it to be quite spicy. The Mimosas were delicious.

Everyone seemed pleased with their meals and not much was left over at the end. The only thing that I didn't like were my eggs, which were a bit under-done. The white was raw and clear, which is just gross, but I ate around it and things were fine. The potatoes helped since were perfectly browned and savory, and of course there was the bacon.

The place itself is nice, with lots of dark wood which makes it feel like an old pub. A big selection of beers were listed above the bar, but I didn't really pay attention as my major focus was getting something with my bacon. I suppose Harefield Road makes a better bar than Brunch place, and every review I've read refers to it as a bar and makes no mention of the food. This all makes sense since it's co-owned by Sean O'Rourke who also co-owns the Pencil Factory over on Franklin Ave. in Greenpoint, but in a pinch it's a decent meal for a good proce.

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